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33 Treasures Emanations

The coherence crystal - dimensions

The coherence crystal - dimensions

Multidimensional, flame of resilience and wisdom

Harmonization of one's individual identity with one's multiple existence

Exit from karma, internal coherence, wisdoms

The 12th strand of DNA offered by the Holy Spirit

The integration of this golden strand takes us on a journey into the heart of higher planes of consciousness, and offers us the immense present of our own birthing of light human %u2014 and this is only the beginning of a journey that will further reveal our solar being... leading to our galactic being... But let us first connect with the multidimensional nature of reality.

Each year at Pentecost, the dove of the Holy Spirit offers a wonderful gift to our small community for a day. The previous year, she initiated our reconnection to our crystalline nature by revealing our crystal tube. This year, the Dove has deposited within us the contact with our 12th strand of DNA. She even lent herself to the game of depositing her vibration in the blessed bread for everyone to enjoy! The crystal of coherence enters the protocol of discovery and integration of our new nature.


To take advantage of this treasure, relax, rest your being, your precious body, as comfortably as possible, in a position that allows you to maintain your attention in the present. Become aware of your immediate environment, of the sounds, colors, smells, air and at the same time of your interior, your breathing and your internal feelings. Your presence leads you to feel the matter of which you are made, in your flesh, in your bones, and in all your cells. Perceive, beyond your cells, the atoms of your body and deeply feel the space between each of them, immense on this atomic scale. You are made of atoms in motion, dancing to harmonious rhythms. Now, in this presence, center yourself in the heart and become aware of your crystalline nature. Open your mind to the reality of other dimensions in which you also exist: time dimensions (in the past, present and future and also beyond time); vibrational dimensions (in lower, same and higher planes of consciousness). You are at the crossroads; you are, in this expanded moment, the point of convergence of your existences. In your heart, place a cut, pure, clear diamond. Its presence extends to your chest, pointing upward at the heart and basing at the pelvis. It is deep and calm like a high mountain lake. Get in touch with it and become aware of its regularity, its sacred and intelligent organization. As you enter its sacred nature, visualize its essence manifesting as a light golden white flame: the flame of resilience. This light at the heart of the diamond tints its facets with dancing golden reflections. Now offer yourself this immersion in your multidimensional being by saying "I unite and adjust myself to all my emanations". Let yourself unfold in the universe as the diamond does, radiating its golden clarity. A multitude of filaments link you to your different emanations, each filament reintegrating in you the teachings of so many experiences, and among them, of so many wonderful wisdoms and skills. The crystal restores, in its flame, the perfect coherence of your being in this key existence where everything comes together, simplifies and harmonizes. You can say: "I accept with gratitude the knowledge of these experiences in their integrity and I release their karmic charges".