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33 Treasures Renaissance

The resurrection portal

The resurrection portal

Body of rejoicing

Total purification and transmutation through forgiveness and blessing

Incarnation of his Christic body into the physical body

The resurrection portal is the symbol and the instrument of our rebirth. It accompanies a great turning point in our life and our state of being. It helps us to fully embody our Christ nature, even in our physical body. The improvements in the quality of our presence, which we have been working hard for, can become manifest and much more tangible than before, within this incarnation.

This treasure is based on the energy of the white ray and the violet ray, in other words on the energies of absolute purification and divine forgiveness. Thanks to these sacred resources, it offers a dissolution and transmutation of all our limitations.


The meditation proposed here, besides its own interest, can constitute a solid base from which you can invite other divine energies. Everyone is free to find inspiration, rejoice! Before this meditation, prepare the things you want to free yourself from. You will be able to transmute them by using the resurrection portal. Now in this presence, contact a mountain of purity. Immense, pristine white, milky and infinitely soft. Place yourself within it. There is a large bowl in front of you, like a cradle of light into which only pure light can be placed. Fill the bowl with silky light. A beautiful bouquet of white crystals forms. You immerse yourself in the crystal bowl and merge your presence with the crystal. Your energetic, crystalline body becomes considerably stronger, it becomes almost rigid, so strong, stable, indestructible. You are a diamond, your body is made of diamond. You can invite the pink ray of love into this crystalline state. Everything around you and within you is tinged with pink. You are enveloped by the caressing softness of love and tolerance. Feel how your emotional body becomes full and fulfilled, confident and calm. Now invite the white flame of purity by saying, "I invite the white flame to purify my whole being. Everything is white around you; breathe in this flow, everything is white within you. Remember the bouquet of white crystals, in its cup of light. They are almost transparent, the essence of crystal. Invite a light blue flash to tint its right half. The two halves open up like two petals of a flower that is blooming and invite a very clear golden ray in the center. A golden crystal then grows between the other two. This triple crystal is supported by the cup which is tinged with purple like an amethyst cup. Inhabited by the energy of the violet flame, the cup then merges with the crystal. The central golden crystal invites the multidimensional consciousness of the triangles: a large triangle with golden contours frames these energies. The crystalline whole continues its fusion and provides the semi-liquid, semi-plasmic matter, inside the triangular frame. Here is the portal, imposing, alive, intelligent, endowed with immense purification faculties. Now think of something that is limiting or polluting you, and invite the negative intentions or thoughts that are being sent to you, or to someone or something you wish to protect, and send them through the triangular portal. Watch the masses of dark, dirty thought-forms enter the portal and emerge on the other side in a silky white stream, perfectly pure and bright. You can accompany this purification with these words: "I am the resurrection of the purity of these intentions and thoughts"; "I am the resurrection and the life of my freedom". Now it's your turn: the portal invites you to go through it. It grows and grows and grows, so much so that you are holding everything in its thickness; it becomes so vast that you can no longer see its edges. Let yourself be guided by this liquid crystal substance and watch, contemplate, the purification of your flesh body. Shadows or stains on the tissues or in the fluids gradually disappear, limiting programs melt and dissolve, your cells breathe a wind of freedom again. You reinstate your freedom, your sovereignty. You can say: "I am the resurrection and the life of my freedom" and also: "I am the resurrection of my creative power and my sovereignty" and again: "I remember that I am divine".