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33 treasures: the resources of the human being

16,3x23,2cm, 316 pages, soft cover with flaps, full color, French edition

Book : 22

We each have areas of perfectly realized resources, and the simple act of recognizing them will allow you to use them to assist the whole of your being to move forward on its path: this is the main message, revolutionary in its perspective, of this book.  
Christine Degoy has developed over the years a capacity to pay attention to the smallest details of what she looks at, first in physical observation - working on her eyes since her art studies - and then, surprisingly, in a very fine clairvoyance that has imposed itself on her and that she has taken to heart to discover, like a game. This book presents 33 treasures, 33 tools discovered in different people, which she was able to reassemble during her observation sessions over 3 years. Each of them corresponds to a perfectly realized area in one of these people, but with the advantage of being able to be called upon by each of us in case of need. These tools act on one or more of our 8 bodies, and are precious aids to identify, unblock, or improve elements of our being at the right moment on our life path.  
This book is for the practitioner who wishes to identify and accompany his clients as well as for the adventurer of life who is looking for tools to help him move forward on his path. In addition: "33 Meditations", a guided meditation for each tool; "Anatomy of the Subtle Bodies" (forthcoming), plates and detailed explanations of the functioning of the different bodies, their organs, functions and components.