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Faire résonner une carte

33 meditations: the resources of the human being

French, 160 pages - the 33 meditations, illustrated with the mudras.

Book : 11

We each have perfectly realized resource areas, perfect areas, with optimal functioning. We all have a spark of perfection within us, and the simple fact of recognizing them will allow you to use them to assist the whole of your being to advance on its path: this is the main message, revolutionary in its perspective, of this book.

You will discover and learn how to use 33 treasures, 33 tools revealed in different people, that the author was able to reassemble during her observation sessions over a period of more than 3 years. Each of them corresponds to a perfectly realized area in one of these people, with the advantage of being able to be called by us if necessary. These tools act on one or more of our bodies, and are precious aids to identify, unblock, or improve elements of our being at the right moment on our life path.

They propose a coherent path: to exist, to do, to recognize, to be, to unite and to radiate. Each tool presented here, in a simple way and accessible to all, can be called by a mantra, a mudra or a guided meditation. In addition: "33 treasures", a complete guide to each tool.