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33 Treasures Physical

The Healing Ring

The Healing Ring

Memory detection and bioresonance action in treated areas

Release of limiting memories and their crystallization, linked to a physical problem

Physical healing and self-presence

The "Information" body

This treasure reveals you have expanded your consciousness to the cellular level of your present physical body. Our cells contain a large amount of information stored in the water, more precisely in its liquid crystal state also called interfacial water. The information processed by the healing ring is of memory-type, concerning the more or less traumatic emotions experienced in this life but also in other times.

A body rich in teachings

This awareness allows you to approach your physical body as an aspect of yourself with the wonderful gift of contacting these memories and releasing them in order to free yourself from their limiting nature and to recover only the teaching and competence resulting from the lived experience, with your legitimate intention of being in full physical health, a state corresponding to our deep and original nature.


To enjoy the healing ring, relax, rest your being, your precious body, as comfortably as possible, in a position to keep your attention in the present. Become aware of your surroundings, sounds, colours, smells, air and at the same time your interior, your breathing and your internal feelings. Your presence leads you to feel the matter of which you are made, in your flesh, your bones, and in all your cells. Perceive, beyond your cells, the atoms of your body and deeply feel the space between each of them, immense on this atomic scale. You are made up of atoms in motion, dancing to harmonious rhythms. Now, in this presence, focus your attention on the physical area you want to treat and surround it with a golden halo. Adjust its width and thickness to perfectly fit this area. You can now activate it by saying: "I purify my being by the presence and grace of my physical body". Feel your presence intensely within yourself, each atom vibrates and synchronizes with your legitimate desire to inhabit your whole body and live in full health. Each cell recovers the knowledge of its perfect functioning, and everything that limited its access to this knowledge is decrystallized, releasing hidden treasures and making the encapsulated energy available again. Thank your body and this area in particular for the release it allows you to do, for you of course, but also for the world because it improves its fluidity. You are now free to walk this ring over the rest of your body, wherever more or less subtle sensations will make you feel the need for liberation, a return to the perfect original state, and feel your total presence inhabiting everytime every part of your physical body. From now on, remain attentive to the subtle calls of your body and free it, relieve it each time it invites your awareness to understand and love it.