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33 Treasures Fractal consciousness

Galactic Being

Galactic Being

Journey into our Galactic Being; contact with the Causal Body and the Atmic Body of Gaia

Fractal consciousness

Incarnation of its Christic dimension in the mental body


This journey into our galactic being is a way to completely unfold our holographic view of reality, which in itself constitutes a significant improvement in our mental conception and therefore a vibratory elevation of our mental body.

If, in addition, we have already contacted our solar nature by synchronizing with Gaia's Buddhic body, then our incarnation can integrate its galactic nature by synchronizing with Gaia's causal and atmic bodies.

In any case, this journey progressively allows us to embody our Christic dimension in our mental body. This descent of Christic energy and adamantine particles is a natural part of our path of reunification and brings with it all sorts of information placed on these collective and planetary planes of consciousness.


(It is very wise to be well protected to do the following. Exploration, in all areas, requires proper equipment. Invoke a pyramid of light (the OM pyramid) which will always contain you, to preserve the integrity of your physical body and all its vital organs)
Om %u2014. Now in this presence, continue your exploration towards your galactic dimension. You have now entered another dimension, and like a hologram, your human nature and its successive chakras are superimposed on your solar nature and its nested chakras: the center of the Earth is your root chakra, the enveloping Sun is your solar plexus
Om %u2014. At this level, feel that you are much larger yet and hear this call to meet your heart chakra beyond the solar state. Imagine a fine and loving vapor, green in color, and enter into the presence of an infinity of very fine moving particles, with the ability to permeate absolutely everywhere, throughout the universe, at all frequency levels. This vapor, as soft as love, vibrates according to the law of cohesion; thanks to it, everything is connected, all dimensions and all space-time. Feel this soft vapor of the heart chakra enveloping your solar plexus-sun and your root chakra-center of the earth, and at the same time intruding into the very heart of these energy centers
Om %u2014. You are both a crystalline body at the heart of your solar body itself contained by your galactic body, and a great galactic being with aligned chakras containing the earth, the sun, space and its stars. Many stars and particles of light dancing and fluttering, circulating within you, will gently awaken your galactic consciousness, your universal consciousness. In this galactic dimension, travel to meet your fifth and sixth chakras. Enter the world of information, of communication. All around you, the deep space is illuminated by a multitude of small luminous blue flashes, like many clear blue filaments carrying information and constantly changing their point of source and their point of arrival according to the needs
Om %u2014. It is now time to express your deepest intentions to the entire universe and all attentive minds, but also to your Spirit. "From my cells to my galactic nature, I am ready to reunify. I allow the divine light to illuminate all aspects of my being. I am complete"; "I am One, flesh and galactic cells". In this universal consciousness, the adamantine particles carry the memories of the universe, humanity, our planet, collective wisdoms and karmas into the incarnation. Flood them with love to purify these flows in order to free the blocked and isolated information: "Through my adamantine heart, flow clear our galactic memories".