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33 Treasures Illumination

The golden fish

The golden fish

Infuses in us what we ask it to contact

Merges with new energies through the crystalline grid

Acquisition of new potentials and qualities

Mission 1 possible

Some of us have been working enthusiastically for a long time toward greater understanding of the world and greater self-control. While some may have believed that this was to get out of the incarnational cycles as quickly as possible (in which case it would make more sense not to go down at all), the reason lies more in the value of the work we do when we invite into this physical dimension the great divine truths, laws and wisdom of the universe. Our incarnation is a very precious fragment of the universe, through which we can illuminate the dense areas, and develop new aspects and characteristics of light and love.


Define well beforehand what you wish to acquire, and then enter into meditation. Try to formulate it like this: I am divine confidence, I am divine intelligence, I am divine discernment, etc. Now in this presence, settle down comfortably in your precious cells. Now in this presence, settle comfortably into your precious cells and feel deep gratitude for them. Your cells allow you to be here, in this world that you have chosen to seed with light and love. Dare to consider your body as a jewel of dense and divine matter, a precious body that has the right to receive all these honors. Immerse yourself with it in the heart of the ocean. Feel yourself floating in the calm, in the blue of the depths and let yourself be carried and led in the greatest softness towards the silent immensity. You are precious and at the same time you are still to be perfected. Your humility is as great as the ocean, as is your enthusiasm to learn and your joy to participate. You open yourself to this divine ocean, pure as far as the eye can see; there are no barriers, everything is fluid and serene. Invite the golden fish to share this moment with you. Get to know him. Play with it in the water in a slow dance to find a common, harmonious rhythm. You can ask now to receive the teaching, in all humility, as a guardian of your body and of this precious wisdom; you let the golden fish dance around you to infuse it into you. You can say within yourself, respecting the silence of the ocean, and repeat it as much as you like: "I am (the wisdom requested) divine". Feel gratitude for this wonderful energy that has accompanied you. Now return to your body, gradually focusing the whole ocean within you, here and now.