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33 Treasures Love

Maitreya's Dorje

Maitreya's Dorje

Diamond heart

Through gratitude, communication through communion

Development of the clear senses, liberation of our divine sovereignty

The master key

Love is the summary of all treasures. It is present behind all openings, on all paths of awakening. It is the magnetizing energy that holds the universe together. Its intelligence and flexibility allow it to adopt different aspects so that we can adhere to it more easily. Ease and grace accomplish its purpose. Its reunifying force is through the communion of beings with each other and of the different currents of life. This aspect naturally strengthens the faculties of perception, for communion is pure and sacred communication, beyond the appearances of separation and difference. In love, the quality of perception is much deeper and more subtle, and relies spontaneously on the extrasensory organs.

Unexpected visit

This treasure has taken the liberty of naming itself the Dorje of Maitreya in reference to its guardian and the form it manifests in the subtle bodies. It was indeed during the year 2012 that we received one evening a visit from the spirit of Maitreya, a presence of immensely luminous power, very Christ-like, to whom we expressed our commitment to serve the light, in all simplicity. And it was in all simplicity that he gave us the gift of a student of light attribute. I called it Maitreya's hat at the time because we first saw it in the head and in the extrasensory channels. It looked a bit like the ceremonial yellow hats of the Tibetan monks, but as we deepened our vision and understanding of it, we could describe it as the same hat, but not just with one peak towards the back, but with four peaks: one in the front, one in the back and two on the sides. These ridges are like new meridians that run through the energy and cross each other in three distinct intersections. The main meeting point is located on the vertical axis, at the level of the heart; the other two, at the top of the head and on the root chakra. This finally gives it the shape of a dorje (also called vajra).


Heart opening - Now in this presence, center yourself in the heart. Give thanks. Give thanks for your incarnation, the process of incarnation is complex and we receive a lot of help at this time: many spirits accompany us and participate in the realization of our will. Thank all those beings who have offered their service and love so that you can participate in the human experience. Your incarnation is the opportunity to bring down into matter the divine wisdoms: thank this chance and feel your heart opening in this state of gratitude. Breathe through your heart as if the air were simply penetrating through your skin, look from your heart, feel its purity, its simplicity, its limpidity. Your heart is diamond crystal, transparent, sparkling. Enter entirely into it, let yourself be enveloped by this crystalline purity with which you grow so much that you can include other people, loved ones, a being that limits you or grieves you, but also the earth, the sun... Enter in communion from heart to heart, in this pure and simple space, in this Christic nature and invite the pink ray of love which pours in you through your open heart its energy which connects all things and all beings. You are in communion with the whole universe, connected by love; this is the only real issue, your real career, your success. Let the color pink dye the whole crystal, bathe in it; your cells bathe in it and they love it. You can say "I love life, I love my dear cells, thank you life, thank you universe, yes to love".
This meditation can stop here and this is already essential, however you can continue it by a journey through the universe:

Communion with the Elements and Divine Communication - The color intensifies to a bright ruby pink of exhilarating intensity. This energy pours into you, into the totality of your being, your physical body and your energetic, emotional, and mental bodies; into your memories, your wisdoms, your different natures and dimensions. Now begins a journey into the heart of the original elements. You take off from the ground and rise above the surface of the earth. You pass through the layers of its atmosphere and enter space. In the distance you see a planet, very small, red. Mars. You move towards it and you see it getting bigger as you approach. You approach again until you understand its landscapes and the material of its surface. The brick-red sand is everywhere, as far as the eye can see, the sandy earth piles up in dunes and mountains shaped by the wind. It is a changing landscape, made of erosions and new formations. Hear, breathe and feel the warm wind, listen and touch the sand. In this vast and fragile territory, everything is impermanence and infinity. Time is master but also disciple. Let yourself be guided to a mountain, higher than the others, which seems to be covered with snow. Its shape is perfect, an immaculate pyramid, luminescent, almost milky, soft and stable. You approach it and you distinguish, placed on its top, a transparent bubble. Immerse yourself in the purity of this sacred mountain. You find yourself instantly comfortable in the bubble - and you are propelled at unprecedented speeds, to the edge of the universe, where the element and the archetype are one. You are now approaching a red, molten star of immeasurable size. It is a red giant. It projects flames of unctuous, dense matter, made of red and orange lights. Listen to the flames glide by, feel their intense heat, so intense that it seems to come from inside your body, it fills you, nourishes you. She is the guardian of fire and the fire becomes rich and nourishing. Immediately, you are transported again and you fly over a vast forest, dense, of an enchanting green, you approach and it reveals its crystal nature. It is a forest of emeralds, in full growth, sifting the light under its branches. In spite of its density, you penetrate it and you land delicately near a natural basin bordered by a marvelous waterfall. The water is bluish, luminescent and more viscous, more silky than the usual water. It seems to be a fluid crystal, almost liquid, of infinite purity. Listen to its song, its tinkling. You walk towards this waterfall and you pass through this transparent bluish curtain. The contact is very subtle: just the freshness of cleanliness; you penetrate into it as much as it penetrates into you. It is more like an impulse, brief and yet can change everything. Here you take the opportunity to be clear and simple again, to be brand new and bright. You are blessed, just as you are. On the other side of the waterfall, you go blindly into a cave. Go forward without image, without sound; close all your senses, keep only the touch and the internal sensations of the body. And now, the ground slips away under your feet. Let yourself fall, fall, fall pleasantly. Feel the air all around you in this refreshing descent. Feel the air rubbing against your skin like a wind that cleanses you from bottom to top. Nothing stops your fall as nothing stops the air that gradually, gently, under your skin, towards the inside of your body. The air is so thin, so light that it manages to pass all the limits, all the constraints, all the resistances. It circulates, it is free, it is the guardian of freedom; you are its guest for the time of this fall. Now, inside your body, feel billions of little bubbles going up, circulating absolutely everywhere, totally free. You are cleansed, deconditioned, exalted, totally free and limitless, limitless in radiation. You are radiating pure white light. Savor this communion with the universe and its elements, its essence, and let yourself float in this pristine space for a few moments. Stay in this space and accept to share it with what comes. Observe and feel what enters your space and take advantage of this precise moment to thank the universe for what you have just experienced, for this marvelous communion: "Thank you, thank you, thank you, through my crystal heart, I am united with the world. Your heart opens wide and through it you can invite and pour into this space a beautiful pink flow - the flow of love.