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33 Treasures Incarnation

The heart of divine flesh

The heart of divine flesh

Purification of human body matter from heart stem cells.

Adjustment of the human body between the ethereal nature of the soul and the density of the Earth

Vibration of the physical body and its density to its perfect frequency

Our "flesh" universe!

The heart of divine flesh puts us in the presence of information related to the matter of our human body. It tells us that the physical body now has the ability to synchronize itself entirely with our divine origins, and more simply with the essence of the universe.


To take advantage of this treasure, relax, rest your being, your precious body, as comfortably as possible, in a position that allows you to maintain your attention in the present. Become aware of your immediate environment, of the sounds, colors, smells, air and at the same time of your interior, your breathing and your internal feelings. Your presence leads you to feel the matter of which you are made, in your flesh, in your bones, and in all your cells. Perceive, beyond your cells, the atoms of your body and deeply feel the space between each of them, immense on this atomic scale. You are made of atoms in motion, dancing to harmonious rhythms. Now, in this presence to yourself, center yourself on the heart. For several breaths, feel the beating of your heart in your chest, feel its pulse. Synchronize your inhalations and exhalations with your heartbeat without forcing. Feel during the inhalation, the strength of several beats, and in the exhalation, its complicity with the whole body. Now reach out to the Earth far beneath your feet and extend this synchronicity to the heart of Gaia. You are now connected to our beloved planet, which also pulses in tune with the universe. Together in this symbiosis that is taking place, tune your pulse to the pink light of the universe. Visualize the blossoming of a pink and cottony vapor from your heart and feel that you also radiate this pink light pulse, around you and then in your physical body, in your chest, in your shoulders and arms, in your hands, in your head, in your pelvis, in your legs and in your feet. From your heart, you can say "I accept every cell, molecule and atom of my body as wonders of the incarnation". This is the choice of light-love that allows you to embody your soul with ease in your presence on our Earth. You can say, "My body is the embodiment of my fluid, embodied soul on this earth. Rejoice in this lightness of just being.