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33 Treasures Inner child

The eye of Horus

The eye of Horus

Detection of the limiting framework: beliefs, judgments, self-limitations and conditioning.

Through forgiveness and love, mothering of one's conflict and being

Change of our world view, recognition of our essence of light and self-esteem

The light stayed on!

The inner child is our spontaneous and intuitive nature, the antipode of the adult "survival".

Let us reconnect with our childlike soul where everything is possible, everything is a source of fun. The child approaches life as a show in which he wants to participate and at the end he gets on stage, spontaneously. And then the grown-ups explain to him that he should not do that anymore, that he should do like this, often even of himself the child will deprive himself because he could perhaps disturb. This metaphor invites us to address our limitations due to external conditioning but mainly to what we do with this information and our beliefs throughout our lives. However, it is not to denigrate them: these thoughts and conditionings have allowed us to come to the present and to develop qualities despite the absence of a global understanding of the world. It is obvious that if we had total knowledge and awareness of our world, we would have no need to believe because we would know; we would have no need to censor ourselves because we would always radiate in harmony with everything. The elaboration of these limitations is a means chosen unconsciously to compensate for our ignorance of the global functioning of reality, and also to experiment and then develop new qualities; that is, to create and experiment. The fear of death leads of course to negative emotions, but as everything keeps a part of light, it gives life a precious or even sacred character, thus containing values of respect, solidarity... as another polarity of the initial fear emotion.

Accompanied by the Eye of Horus, you go to meet these crystallizations, their limiting beliefs and you mother them. Through your love, you change their polarities; these have led you to this day and now you have the opportunity to dissolve them and recover the true intention hidden in the adherence to these thoughts.


To take advantage of this treasure, relax, rest your being, your precious body, as comfortably as possible, in a position that allows you to maintain your attention in the present. Become aware of your immediate environment, of the sounds, colors, smells, air and at the same time of your interior, your breathing and your internal feelings. Your presence leads you to feel the matter of which you are made, in your flesh, in your bones, and in all your cells. Perceive, beyond your cells, the atoms of your body and deeply feel the space between each of them, immense on this atomic scale. You are made of atoms in motion, dancing to harmonious rhythms. Now in this presence, invite your inner child to express itself. Let the emotions manifest in you and place yourself in the position of observer, calm and benevolent, full of gratitude for this wealth of creations. Contact the cradle of these emotions within you and recognize the radiant essence of the newborn within. You can intensify this reunion with this phrase: "I was born a child of crystal and love my pure essence of light to the fullest. Center yourself in your heart and feel, call, the awakening of your crystal nature. Feel the freshness of its sincerity, its simplicity. Its purity reveals itself to you with an immense sweetness, an immense clarity. In this transparency, nothing clings, everything is forgiven. Let your thoughts of judgment, your uncomfortable emotions, receive this light and this love. Nothing escapes your crystal heart; everything that passes through you is loved, recognized and understood. Your heart is also your door to the whole universe. And through it, the whole universe is also bringing you this attention, this love and this compassion. Understand and hear that your crystal heart functions according to the laws of the universe and that you only have to accept it to undo the limits to which you had unconsciously adhered. You are a being without limits of radiation and the universe needs your radiance.