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33 Treasures Co-creator

The celestial eye

The celestial eye

Relating events and situations in our lives

Understanding of the law of karma: each creator must experience his creation

Exit from the drama, recovery of its creative power, self-confidence

The experience

Making is also a sacred act. To make is to experience, and experiencing is a sure way to understand and integrate the consequences and scope of a creation.
Understanding and feeling what we create provides us with the evidence of who we truly are and allows us to gradually recognize our divine essence.


This knowledge of our divine nature comes through an understanding of what karma is. Despite the uncompromising and authoritarian character it is sometimes given, it is in fact simply an element of the highly efficient creative process, chosen by the source consciousness for its evolution and to which, let us not forget, we have adhered in full consciousness. Karma simply applies the laws that each individualized being here retains its creative power and must experience its own creations.

This is not a fundamental law of the universe but a tool, a program of sorts. It allows us to generate totally new ideas and to test them in an experimental zone provided for this purpose. The discomfort experienced during this process is not directly due to this program but rather to its association with another basic program concerning the ability to fragment the source consciousness in this zone. More explanation of this last point can be found at the end of this book.


To enjoy this treasure, relax, rest your being, your precious body, as comfortably as possible, in a position that allows you to maintain your attention in the present. Become aware of your immediate environment, of the sounds, colors, smells, air and at the same time of your interior, your breathing and your internal feelings. Your presence leads you to feel the matter of which you are made, in your flesh, in your bones, and in all your cells. Perceive, beyond your cells, the atoms of your body and deeply feel the space between each of them, immense on this atomic scale. You are made of atoms in motion, dancing to harmonious rhythms. Now in this presence, place yourself as the sun in the heart of your solar system and visualize or feel all your experiences around you as planets of various colors and sizes. There are some in front of you, but also on either side of you, and behind you. Contact those above and below you as well. Contact them with your radiance of light and love, acknowledge their existence. Feel how they love to be acknowledged. The awareness of this web you weave between you and them expands your being, rich with these shining spheres that radiate one after another, creating connections with the whole universe. Awaken your awareness of your creative power by saying the phrase: "I am a creator, I am weaving the light of my life". Extend your creative weave even further, and contact your experiences further into time and other dimensions. Feel in and around you the sense of all this work already done. The point of each experience is not its outcome but simply the fact of its very existence. So in this present moment, that you extend to all your experiences, your mission is already so well accomplished! All these experiences deliver their teachings with the absolute generosity of your original being. Take pleasure in creating your life and be fulfilled by the idea of creating experiences that you will have the greatest joy in experiencing for yourself.