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33 Treasures Passenger of the soul

The traveler's chalice

The traveler's chalice

Recognition by the heart of the presences and infernal loops, and converter

Elevation of non-incarnated beings to their intended destination, lightening of egregores and burdens

Purification of places and people

I recognize you

The first thing we can do to help someone is to recognize them. To recognize them is to see them as an integral part of the universe, made up of the one basic substance, the source consciousness.

Thus recognized, in the heart of this universal love, wandering souls can reconnect with this nature within themselves and allow themselves to connect with the worlds and finally move forward on their path with rightness and love, whatever their destination.


Center your awareness in your heart. From your heart, turn outward and contact the being, the egregore, the thought or program that is looping, the recurring patterns in your context. Do not judge, stay in this attitude of observer and service. Spread a torus around you with your thoughts. To do this, invite your energy to focus in your spine and then bring it up to your head and intensify it for a breath or two. Now, let it flow from the top of your head like a fountain and feel it develop a sphere around you. Engage its cyclical function by reintegrating this energy through your feet to replenish the flow that is now gushing out again. Hold this torus throughout the process of passage. Now invite that which you wish to help, saying "Namaste, namaste, namaste" with this energy meaning: I recognize you, you are part of this world and you are made of the same substance of light as I am and as everything in the universe. At this stage you may receive information to communicate or feel the presence of very luminous beings coming to support a being or yourself. These angels of passage or other divine spirits, to whom you are sometimes close, will carry out their mission with a deep respect for each entity. Repeat the mantra "Namaste" as many times as you feel necessary. When you feel that the passage(s) are over, radiate your gratitude towards the beings that have supported you and towards the knowledge that you have liberated and the teachings that you have benefited from during the passage of this knowledge, these particles of light that have finally been recognized.