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Protocol 8

Enter into resolution...
Commit your will and contact your resources!

Protocol 8 is a resolution protocol developed using the systems approach. This approach considers what it studies as a whole and is more interested in the interactions between the elements that make up a system than in the elements themselves. Of course, the system we are talking about here is the human being: his body, his head, his heart and all the possible combinations of matter, energy and information that constitute it. In order to understand our inner ecosystem and to link it with our world, a complete cartography of the composition and processes of the human body is carried out, in coherence with embryology, a scientific discipline which studies the development of the human embryo under the morphological and tissue aspect in particular This cartography in 8 bodies is a synthesis of all this knowledge from various disciplines, from the systemic approach applied in brief psychotherapy by the Palo Alto school initially, to the science of physicists concerning the water or the number of dimensions in which we live, through the biological decoding from the study of embryogenesis.

How does it work?

It's all about communication! Most if not all problems, in any field, are due to a breakdown in communication. Human beings are no exception to this trend. The purpose of this protocol is to bring different parts of the human body back into resonance, our body being the starting point of what we want to become and achieve from this moment on. Indeed, it is the manifestation in this world of who l%u2019on is but it is also the one that holds the potential for the manifestation (realization) of our becoming
The disease is an ongoing adaptation. The process of adaptation requires resources but sometimes reveals a difficulty to contact them. Protocol 8 is based on the principle that we will never be able to think and reconstruct the link molecule after molecule, reaction after reaction and information after information according to the complexity of the human being: too many parameters not known and not mastered as much in the choice of the elements as in their combinations or interactions. So to re-establish these useful links, let us send the relevant command, the impulse that will initiate the ideal chain reaction that will finalize our transformation. It is possible, we just have to intervene at the right scale and find the right resources, and all this information is already present in us. With this protocol and your clear and enthusiastic will, you contact your resolution.