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Here is a selection of cards to discover in 33. Each one can include detailed written information, a guided meditation, specific binaural beat frequencies, drawings, elements to make it resonate, illustrations, and different steps for realization. New cards are added regularly!

First steps in meditation

Initiation to meditation

Understand what meditation will do for you.

33 Treasures

The Healing Ring

Physical healing and self-presence

Isis' tiara

Restoration of one's sovereignty and freedom

The Atlantean Crystal City

Deep physical relaxation of the heart and sorting organs, as well as emotional and mental

The heart of divine flesh

Vibration of the physical body and its density to its perfect frequency

The eye of Horus

Change of our world view, recognition of our essence of light and self-esteem

The celestial eye

Exit from the drama, recovery of its creative power, self-confidence

The guidance stick

Creating and recreating oneself, returning to one's potential and aligning with one's life path

The traveler's chalice

Purification of places and people

The talisman

Protection, purification

The rebirthing gyroscope

Harmonization, integration of improvements, revival

The crystal tube

Leaving isolation, re-connection to the divine coherence, various harmonizations

The crystal hydra

Update and access to new skills and dimensions

The column of youth

Cellular regeneration, physical rejuvenation

The coherence crystal - dimensions

Exit from karma, internal coherence, wisdoms

Coherence crystal - blood

purified causal body

The coherence crystal - evolution

Embodiment of wisdom

Solar gold

Integration of higher level data

The scepter of cosmic wedding - polarities

Exit from duality, ascension of the emotional body and the atmic body

The scepter of cosmic wedding - Omega

Union of body and soul

The adamantine cascade

Increased ability to hold vibrational light and healing of physical and energetic bodies

The Cloak of Thoth

Power of blessing

The Scepter of Cosmic Wedding - Ascension

Ascended incarnation, access to the body of rejoicing

The Green Ray

Powerful localized physical healing defusing the conflict at its source


Stability, strength and balance

Solar Being

Integration of Adamantine particles

Galactic Being

Incarnation of its Christic dimension in the mental body

The Golden Age

Embodiment of its Christ-like dimension in the emotional body

The crystal of eternity

Diffusion of the unit

The Om pyramid

Protection and accompaniment during exploration and climbing; bringing the group together

The golden fish

Acquisition of new potentials and qualities

The hourglass of adamantine particles

Life and exploration beyond time

Maitreya's Dorje

Development of the clear senses, liberation of our divine sovereignty

The resurrection portal

Incarnation of his Christic body into the physical body